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Bryan Susilo and Patricia Susilo: Not just partners by birth


Being a business and entrepreneurship professional is something that only few choose for their career as it involves a lot of risks and challenges which not everyone is able to cope with. It needs a lot of experiences and preparations before moving into the corporate world; you could say you are either born businessman or become one.
Bryan Susilo and Patricia Susilo
One such pair of successful business partners were born to a businessman father from Jakarta, namely Bryan Susiloand Patricia Susilo who migrated to Australia when latter was 4 years old. Their father taught them the mantra about being the architect and designer of their own life. Both siblings took the words of their father very seriously and got inspired to write their own lives destinies.

Both of them engaged themselves in gaining knowledge since an early age and getting more experience while working with other successful people around them. All of their…

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Patricia Susilo : Everyone can learn how to shape their dreams


Dreams are meant to be fulfilled and it can be done only by the person who sees those dreams. Patricia Susilo is among those who had the will and courage to take up the challenge of getting her dream fulfilled.

Having been born in Jakarta to her Indonesian parents, Patricia Mirawati Susilo became an immigrant along with her parents after migrating to Australia when she was just 4 years old. Her parents, especially her father made her realize her dreams and passion, often motivating her with words like “diamonds are rare because they need to have gone through immense pressure” and “You are the architect of your own life”

These words had such deep impact on Patricia Susilo’s life that she got herself immersed in her passion for real estate business and entrepreneurship. It was the combined efforts of her father and her own hard-work that she was able to…

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Patricia Susilo : Always a bright floor after staircases of ups and downs


Patricia Susilo

Someone wisely said after a lot of ups and downs of troubles and sorrow and tough times; there are always good times. Anyone who stands up to difficulties firmly and face them wittily can be a leader in the long run as they gain a lot of experience while going through unfavorable times which makes them strong and firm in their decisions. These decisions are solely based on what they learn throughout their lives which shows them the path for a bright future.

One such amazing person is Patricia Mirawati Susilo who realized her dreams at a very early age and became immersed in fulfilling them. Having her father as a businessman helped her a lot in her journey of success, by giving her great advices as how to be the designer of one’s own life.

Having gone through as much as Patricia Susilo did can either make or break…

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Bryan Susilo and Patricia Susilo partnership is a living proof of Combined efforts that bring a lot of success


Bryan Susilo and Patricia Susilo

Everyone works for success but not each one of them achieves it. However if people work in groups for a common goal, getting success becomes a lot easier. Each one of the group member helps each other and sort out problems together to bring out the best result for them.

This strategy can work for everyone just like it worked for Patricia Susilo and Bryan Susilo for their career as business entrepreneurs in Property Investments. Both of them started working from a very early age and both of them gained a lot of experiences which helped them in their quest for being entrepreneurs.

Their experience made them so capable that by the age of 18, both of them had collected 10+ properties throughout Perth’s metropolitan areas. After this achievement, Bryan took Property investment full time which brought him a lot of success. On the other hand, Patricia is today working…

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Success isn’t far away if you are hard working like Patricia Susilo


Patricia Susilo had a very clear view about where she wanted to take her career at a very early age itself. This was all due to the efforts put in by her businessman father who inspired her with very wise words at a very early age which cannot be said for all the children of her age at that time. Patricia listened to her father’s words very carefully and always understood their meaning clearly, as if she was god-gifted.

Her father’s efforts paid off and she realized her passion and the path to take her towards success at a very young age. Patricia Susilo started working at the age of 13; for her uncle as a cashier. This experience while working at very young age gave Patricia Susilo a lot of exposure about how to present herself to the world to be successful. While working she was getting her education…

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Patricia Mirawati Susilo – Shape her Dream


We often come across life biography of certain people who motivate and inspire us to be successful just like them. Their struggles and the will to fight through times of difficulties give us the courage to follow their suit and get the best out of our lives too. One can always learn a lot if they go through how every successful man reached where they are today.

One such fantastic and successful individual is Patricia Mirawati Susilo. Just like every great person, her life was full of struggles. She being an immigrant from Jakarta was raised in Australia by her mother and businessman father.

Since a very early age, she was motivated by her father to be successful in whatever Patricia Susilo wanted to do. Her father words made her realize her passion at a very early age itself. Patricia Mirawati Susilo began working at just the age of…

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