Patricia Susilo shaping the path of her own life

Having been born in Jakarta, Patricia Susilo migrated to Australia at 4 with her immigrant parents and brother. Starting from a very young age itself, Patricia developed an immense interest in self-realization and self-development. Her father inspired her lot as well with his very wise words.

Her interests and passion drove her life, and she started her life very earlier than an average individual of her age would start.

In fact Patricia Mirawati Susilo started working as a cashier to help her uncle at the age of 13years and in retail at the age of 14 years. She then finally entered the corporate world for major companies like Price Waterhouse Coopers, Clough and Automotive Holdings Group for part times jobs. Patricia Susilo simultaneously pursued her university degree at Curtin University (Bentley) at the age of 17 years. Her bachelors of commerce in double major in Accounting and Finance degree got completed in the 2009 year.

Her personal interests and passion made her join her brother at the age of 20 in businesses and entrepreneurship sectors. Patricia Susilo is a successful business woman because she shaped her own life and future.


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